Wednesday, March 18, 2009

late night shopping for diaper rash ointment

I recently had to buy Desitin for one of our younger children. Desitin has the highest percentage of zinc oxide (about 40%) of all the products offered at walgreens.

Traditionally, we've slathered large amounts all over our children's nether regions. The zinc oxide seems to create a thick barrier that protects and "water proofs" there tender skin -- quickly dissipating emerging rashes and irritation.

We've tried many medicines, triple ointment, boudreaux's, etc... Desitin seems to be the hands down winner.

Although it was the least expensive by weight at Walgreens, it was still $15 for a 1 lb. jar. If I remember correctly, I was able to buy it for about $10 at Baby's R Us in the past.

I bought one jar for tonight, but i'll load up on several at baby's 'r us if the price is reasonable.

What struck me is that emergency creams, diapers, etc... available late night at the drug store are most likely to be priced like cold cereal or cigarettes at a convenience store.

I've always been one to plan ahead, but it strikes me as prudent to create a list of things you should always have stocked at home and buy them pre-emptively. Although this may be difficult in today's economy, the extra cost, might be an unaffordable penalty. What would you put on your list?

Regards, makingourway

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Jerry said...

Based on last night at our house (ugh), I would say BANDAIDS! We live overseas and it is actually kind of hard to find places selling them, except at a pharmacy (believe it or not). Also there are very few 24-hour places in SE Europe, anyway. All of this to say, bandages belong on the list. You don't want to have to cash out the retirement annuity or something just because you cut your finger and want to protect the wound!