Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why do i still need my blackberry?

It looks like my employer may be providing me with a company phone.
Which is certainly nice if I no longer have to file telephone expense reports.

However, what do I do with the BlackBerry I currently own?

It won't be connected to a Microsoft Exchange server for real time corporate e-mail, calendaring and contacts.

It does still connect to my other e-mail accounts, but that's about it.
No more calendar synchronization, though e-mail calendar invites do seem to show up on the BB calendar.

However, what benefit am I really receiving?

Why not go for an iPhone or something similar?

I'm thinking I pay for alot of corporate overhead that I'm not using in a BB and I miss out on the more convenient consumer features, like a much bigger screen, cool apps, etc....

What would you do?

Regards, makingourway

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Jerry said...

I have been wondering about similar things - do I want/need an iPhone, or will a Blackberry get the job done? Also, I'm notoriously hard on phones, so I would definitely spring for the gadget insurance. There are benefits and drawbacks, but I think that the pros lead me to consider the iPhone... could you sell your Blackberry on eBay or something?