Monday, March 16, 2009

a nice way to help others... make a meal

While helping a very sick family member, I was very impressed by the help their neighbors and community provided.

Often people wonder, how can I help? The family has someone ill, can we do something?

The first inclination is often transportation or errands - these are always excellent things to offer.

The second inclination is a question of money or resources, however, if the family is well insured or financially comfortable, money is not always a big need - at least right away.

The third offering, which I hadn't seen much before is help with meals. This is clearly one of the nicest and most helpful things friends and families can offer. Families caring for sick relatives find it difficult to prepare home cooked meals. The meals friends bring over restore a great degree of the normal every day routine that the family so desperately wishes to return to.

The fourth offering is money again. What can a fund raiser(s) do? If the family is financially comfortable, establishing a foundation to give money to others or to support medical research can be a great thing. Otherwise, money may be helpful in paying for expensive medical treatments that are not covered by insurance. Frequently, families know little about what is needed right away, but as things progress, treatment strategies become more clear, as do their associated expenses and insurance coverage.

Regards, makingourway

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