Saturday, October 06, 2007

Challengs and disappointments with Windows Vista

My new laptop (well a few months old) came with Windows Vista. Overall, it's a nifty operating system. However, I quickly noticed that some of my favourite programs are not compatible with Vista!!
Quite honestly, I was amazed.

Zone Alarm finally released a firewall upgrade that is compatible.
My bookmark and password tracking program, Mobipassword is not, and they seem to be avoiding answering my inquiry - as if they're embarrased - they must be milking the product (no investment).
Nuance's PaperPort Pro is not compatible and requires an upgrade - but the vendor cannot be reached by telephone - incredibly disappointing for such a wonderful program!
Adobe Acrobat Reader seems to have security issues and errors out proactively on web pages that will call it.

So many products that I actually use all day long for personal productivity simply don't work under Vista.

What a disappointment.

Obviously there are answers - or replacement products elsewhere - of course this involves investments in time and energy.

Customer service from both Nuance (Paperport Pro) and Mobipassword were extremely disappointing. I wish they had viable competitors. There service is certainly not worth my business.

Regards, makingourway

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty much the scenario whenever a new OS comes's up to the 3rd party vendors to get compatible with the new OS, not vice-versa.

Unfortunately that sometimes takes awhile.

I like the look and feel of Vista and the new Office....but that's just me.