Saturday, October 06, 2007

What do you deserve for bad food

Living in the Chicago suburbs has it's down parts - such as a dramatic reduction in the number of interesting restaurants available.

There are some great ones in the nearby super-burbs, but the truely local restaurants vary in quality dramatically.

We recently tried a local chinese restaurant. I was quite impressed by the sophistication of it's menu. I've only found jellfish in downtown Chinese restaurants.

Unfortunately the food was quite poor - lacking flavour and even interesting texture. A true disappointment. Ms. Makingourway came home feeling quite ill.

During our meal, Ms. Makingourway sampled her entree and found it displeasing. I told the waiter, who asked if he could replace it. My wife ordered an appetiser in it's place. Later, upon receiving the check, I noticed the waiter had charged us for the more expensive entree and gave us the extra appetizer (40% cost of the entree) for free.

I was a bit perturbed - shouldn't the entree have been removed from the bill? We hadn't eaten it at all (except one small disappointing bite)! I decided a battle wasn't meritted in light of Ms. Makinourway's declining condition. But I do have after thoughts.

What would you do? Would you demand the disappointing dish be removed from the bill?

Regards, makingourway


Tom said...

I would request the entree be taking off the bill solely for principle.

Wayne said...

That is terrible. It should have been done for you. You should not have to ask. And if it did show, I would request that it be removed for it was returned.


Anonymous said...

I would let it slide, and not go back there.