Saturday, October 06, 2007

Over $5000 in expensive furniture

We've been in the new house for a few months, finally having finished unpacking, organizing, re-organizing and unexpectedly repairing things. We're more or less settled.

However, we really don't have the house properly furnished.

Shortly after moving in we splurged and spent $2000 on family room furniture. It works quite nicely.

The dining room is already furnished and our living room, which we don't really use, is awkwardly furnished (old couch).

Here's what we have left to do:
Two of the bedrooms: our son's and the master bedroom need to be refurnished.
Finished basement
Living Room
Office (ordered today)

Today, we just placed an order to furnish my office.

It's been a massive pet peeve for my wife. My office has far too many gadgets and things scattered without a proper home. Also, it looks very basic, graduate school-like. Certainly not in a good fit for the expensie new home.

Since we etertain alot and few of my wife's associates understand what I do for a living, haveing an impressive office seems to be the lasting impression they absorb. Consequently she wants it to look nice. It's amazing how critical a detailed oriented woman can be.

I secretly have always wanted nice office furniture, but constitutionally could not stomache the expense. After much disappointing research - pressboard products from office warehouse stores, Costco unable to meet our interests, my wife finally found home library furniture on-line.

The default configuration didn't work for us - there went the $2,500 promotion. After figuring out what would (including measuring and charting it out), I determined the ideal configuration - that's when $5,000 happened. I felt sick thinking about it.

But as I thought of the alternatives - crap furniture form an Office Max or Office Depot or nice furniture with insufficient breadth of options from Costco I decided to compare the compromise prise of $2500 with the ideal price of $5000. Is it worth spending $2500 now to spend twice as much two years later? I decided to go for the ideal.

I'd like to avoid dipping into my cash reserves or non-retirement investments to pay for it, however, I'm not sure which funds I'll use just yet.

We'll have to wait and see. It's a bit stressful, but my wife will be pretty happy.

After placing the order, the next question she asked me was whether they had bedroom furniture. I asked her if she would mind waiting to see what service and actual furniture quality are like before ordering more. I think she agreed.

Well, I might have dug myself deeper into the hole, but at least I'll by working in a nicer environment (I spend 30 - 60 hours a week in my office).

Regards, makingourway

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