Friday, February 09, 2007

United Airlines Red Carpet Club -$400

I decided to buy a membership to the Red Carpet Club. Premier members receive a small discount.

There are a number of clubs through the country and internationally.

Now that I'm travelling at least one time a week or more, it seems somewhat helpful. If I don't use it much, I'll see if I can cancel it for a refund (would they do such a thing?).

My primary use is the desk and electrical connection to work while recharging my equipment. I had a four hour wait between flights.

I do question whether enough airports will have red carpet or reciprocal lounges to be meaningful / helpful. Most US major cities as well as most European major cities are covered.

Feeling ill this evening, it seemed like a nice place to relax.

The most important question: is the rest room nice and clean?

Regards, makingourway


mOOm said...

I usually manage to find a socket to plug my laptop in at airports but usually the wireless service is either some silly thing at a high price or is free (Burlington VT) but doesn't work. I don't really want to pay for an hour or so and find it actually doesn't work. Or maybe I'm being too frugal?

makingourway said...

moom, you're probably right - an hour may not be worthwhile - alot of it depends on your feeling of need (i.e. must send that e-mail by x:xx pm!).
Actually the Red Carpet club doesn't provide internet access yet.
I had to use the broadband feature on my cell phone. Wasn't bad though. After a while the download picked up to 1.2 mbs (so the stat counter says - felt slower - but not objectionably so).
Bottom line is tethered broadband modem costs only $10 extra per month and you can use it anywhere.