Friday, December 08, 2006

DEAL: A most impressive offer for videophiles!!

Costco is selling a full HDTV hook-up kit for $49.99.
I find the pricing quite amazing since HDMI cables often go from $30 - $79.

They provide the following:

1x - HDMI Cable
1x - Component Cable
1x - Audio Interconnects
1x - HDMI/ DVI Adapter

All cables are 6ft lengths in an attractive braid.

Compare what you would pay at Radio Shack or Best Buy - big difference!


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James Varghese said...

That's a decent deal - I would also recommend for any future cabling needs. I've used it pretty extensively for both audio (optical, etc.) and video (composite through HDMI) and the cables (and service) has been fantastic. If you head over to AVSForum, you'll find a ton of people who swear by these guys as well.