Thursday, December 07, 2006

mobile broadband access for my laptop using a tethered blackberry 8703e

I've been able to succesfully connect my Blackberry 8703e telephone/e-mail pda to my laptop bia the included usb 2 cable.

Verizon charges about $10-$15 on top of my unlimited blackberry e-mail service fee for tethered broad band access.

Web surfing works pretty well. Actually suprisingly well. It's not as good as my cable modem, but it is good enough. Especially when travelling.

Also, it looks like my telephone uses my laptops battery while on USB connection - so the phone should be usable after several hours of use.

One caveat, it does not look like I can talk and surf at the same time. Talking seems to halt broadband data flow.

Certainly cheaper than buying a dedicated WWLAN card with a separate fee.

I'm wondering if it will be good enough to use at a hotel instead of payng the $10 nightly internet fee.


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