Friday, December 08, 2006

Simplifying life: Reducing the Clutter in Your e-mail box

I've noticed that I receive and insanely large number of e-mails every day. Many are important, while many are not.

Over the course of a month, I counted 800 e-mails totalling 25 MB - none of which were spam.

However, many were lists I had signed up to, or permission based newsletters and promotions from various retailers and organizations.

After thinking things through I asked myself:

1. Am I reading these messages?
2. Do I have time to read them?
3. Do I act upon what they recommend?
4. Do they address any of the priorities in my life?

For most of the e-mails the answer was simple - no.

When's the last time I acted upon a Brooks Brothers mailing? Never. I usually shop there when I need to and do so only occassionally - why should I suffer all the unneeded distraction?

The same goes for most of the mail feeds, etc.... If I really have time I can go to the website.

Actually, here's something interesting. My new Black Berry 8703e has a pretty nice web browser - the data plan is cheaper than Verizon's plan for my Palm Treo 650 and the pages render a bit more quickly - even with pictures. I now feel much more comfortable surfing to websites using my phone.


I am amazed at how much fewer messages I receive now. I've been rabidly unsubscribing - and anti-spamming when that doesn't work. Now - outside of work e-mails - I receive about a dozen messages per day - much more manageable.

Fewer distractions allow me to concentrate on what is important and my priorities - not that of a marketers.


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