Sunday, November 12, 2006

money saver when travelling!! a cheaper way to rent cars

Often, when I rent cars for personal use, I'm shocked by the high rates so many cr rental companies charge. Actually, I'm also shocked by the costs for business use - but often large corporations have fairly aggressive volume discounted.

While I'm working, my family is taking a vaction. We needed to rent two cars each for a month. The first was rented at the airport - while the second was rented a day later a few miles away.

The airport car costs about $200 more for the same one month period. Why - airport franchise fees and car rental taxes up to 35% of fees!

The same company's rental office a few miles away is dramatically less - but also less likely to be filled with lines.

Some companies, like Enterprise, will even drive over to you and pick you up and bring you back to their rental office. Now imagine renting from an office a few miles away and saving 20-25%? And also receive free transit from your rental to an important location.

I strongly recommend this alternative.



steve said...

As usual, your advice is pragmatic and incredibly useful! Another nugget in the back of my head =) Thanks!


makingourway said...

Steve, I'm blushing!

BTW, don't forget to bring your AAA card - the discounts for car rentals are usually about 10% (as are many corporate pricing programs) - if you can't use the AAA discount - ask for a free tank of gas and an upgrade or a double upgrade if no gas.


Anonymous said...

Have used Enterprise a few times - usually a good deal.

fin_indie said...

Great advice! I'll be using this on a trip shortly...