Saturday, September 23, 2006

Montessori Decision Finalized

We've decided to send our oldest to Montessori school in January.

He's still working on the potty training (necessary for Montessori) and with the newborn it's a bit much all at once for the entire family - especially when considering the 45 minute one way commute to Montessori school.

However, we are excited and eager to enroll him.

The Montessori program seemed intuitively interesting to him. When visiting a program during he immediately became involved in a structured learning process (pouring beans between containers) following Montessori rules (using a placemat and cleaning up after himself). He then rotated through several other Montessori learning activities, modifying his behaviour per the teacher's advice. We were quite impressed and most importantly our eldest felt engaged and interested - he wanted to go to Montessori.

Economically, it does not cost much extra. Our current day care costs are $480 per month. Montessori is $520 - $560 per month depending upon the program.

The biggest difference is that he must be picked up by 4 pm (or 3 pm depending on the school) before $2/hr. fees are charged (by the 3 pm school) - no such option with the 4 pm school. Day care stays open until 6 pm or so.

What will our real economic costs be for Montessori:

1. gasoline (80 miles round trip) $8.75/day
2. lunches (brown bagged) $3.00 / day
3. tuition $520 / mo.
4. school supplies $10/mo. (wild guess)
5. optional expenses $25/mo. (fudge factor)

aggregate cost of Monetessori is $790 per month.
aggregate cost of day care (guestimate) is $555 per month

difference $135.00 per month extra - educational benefits far exceed the cost.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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StealthBucks said...

Good choice. It costs us about $780 for 5 days 9 - 3 pm. $6/hr after 3. Daughters happy and challenged. Also note press today on multiple development studies indicating Montesorri is by far the best learning program. I heard it on Bloomburg XM and didn't get the source plus it is late and I'm too tired to locate. Drop me a line if you source it.

That's quite the haul to school.