Saturday, September 23, 2006

kinder golf

As I've been learning golf, my eldest son has been quit excited to learn golf with me (the others being too young).

Obviously the newborn adds wrinkles to our schedules - I had to cancel a class and we simply haven't had the time.

A few weeks ago I bought two clubs from Walmart - actually metal golf clubs for about $10 each - an iron and a putter. I then brought them to our club's pro shop and the pro had them cut down to his size for $15.

Size reduction was very important as they were simply too big. He was holding them like a field hockey stick (right hand low on the club toward the head) and swinging it in a similar fashion.

We haven't tried the new clubs yet - I'm saving them as a suprise - but I'm hoping we might play a little this sunday.

I also bought a large number of wiffle golf balls. My goal is to have him hit the wiffle balls with the iron while I hit the real balls. We'll collect his whiffle balls and he'll follow me along the course.

Alternatively, we might play around the driving range or putting green with real balls and clubs. I wonder if he can hit a real ball with his mini-clubs.

Has anyone tried this with their toddler? Any recommendations? We'll probably test it out on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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