Saturday, September 23, 2006

update on 2nd Craig's List experiment

The goal of the experiment was to see if I could buy something expensive (a luxury toy) less expensively using craig's list.

To test it I put up a wanted to buy (WTB) for Thomas the Tank Engine trains. I received two recommendations from kind people with means for obtaining discounts - one a low cost option included in Brach's fruit candy - the other was to buy them new using 50% off coupons from Michaels. Unfortunately - I don't know where to get the 50% off coupons.

I did recieve one inquiry asking which type of trains we were interested in buying, but no follow-up to my reply.

I'll re-post the WTB a few more times to see if it attracts any attention.

So far the advice has been great, but we've had no direct buying opportunities - which is disappointing. I wonder if there is a Michael's website with discounts - I suppose it's worth checking out.

I do still receive occassional replies to my WTB on comic book collections. With the newborn I haven't been pushing it too much. I can't predict when I'll be able to actually examine the collections or pick them up.

Have a wonderful day,

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