Thursday, July 20, 2006

moving forward with non-retirement investment plan (and less SNDA)

On Tuesday I sold about 1/2 of my position in SNDA. Enough to take $3k in capital losses against ordinary income if I don't have capital gains to offset it. I put the proceeds into Morgan Stanley's Eastern Europe and Russian fund (RNE). It most recently paid a 10% dividend (annualized).
The next step is to reduce my position in the russel 3000 etf from ishares (iwv) by 50% and buy FCV, Deutsch Bank's value based index ETF (FDV) (I'd buy about $3k worth).
I'm a bit uncertain about because it is so new. It started trading only a few weeks ago and seems to have trailed the sp500 index. I'll look at it a bit more before plunging into it. Over the long term, it should outperform the sp500, so this may be a hold and see experiment with a smaller investment than I ultimately expect to make.
After this is all done, I have some administrative work to do with my brokerage firm before I can transfer money into it via ACH. Once set-up, I'll check IIF and probably put $2500 - $3000 into it as well.
Once this is done, I'm going to sit a while and evaluate my overall non-retirement portfolio mix.

Any thoughts?

Have a great day,

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