Friday, July 21, 2006

review: the 40 year old virgin

Last night my wife and I rented the 40 year old virgin.

I loved it, my wife was somewhat less than enthused, but did laugh at moments.
It's much more of a guy's movie than a girls movie, but after watching so many semi-chic flicks I figure she owed me one. Actually, I should qualify my love for the movie, some parts were wonderful other parts were a bit stale, but the wonderful outweighed the stale.

I strongly recommend viewing the deleted scenes. The karioki scene is hillarious and the original car accident scene is quite funny.

Brief summary:

A shy unassuming fellow working in the stock room of a large electronics store is invited to join a late night poker game with his co-workers. During a round of sex stories they discover he is a virgin. Before long, the entire store encourages him to lose his virginity offering humorous advice and misadvice.

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