Saturday, July 01, 2006

estimate on june net worth changes - small drop (-$2k)

I'm estimating that my networth dropped in June by about $2k.
Considering the incomplete recovery of the market plummet, $4-$5k in visitor related vacation expenses, $3k in professional education charges and a number of other one time expenses, it's not such a bad drop. I certainly would be glad if it were positive, but at least I have the expenses behind me.

We do have a family medical matter that will hit us soon and might knock off as much as 25% of our family income. According to my high level initial calculations we should scape by with minor losses or break even. By January the situation will be resolved and we'll be back up and running. I'm hoping to change some of my business activities and increase our income starting in September. The incremental increase will be meaningful, but I'm not sure to what degree it will offset the hit. Wait and see I guess.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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