Saturday, July 01, 2006

countrywide 5.25% online account

I tried opening an online account with countrywide to enjoy their 5.25%.
I plan on moving the bulk of my emigrant money out and over to them.
Apparently they have free and fairly flexible ETF terms.
Emigrant allows only one initially and afterwards only a second.

I'm hoping countrywide will also make it easier to put the account title into a living trust or a contingent beneficiary as a living trust. I kind of fudged it with the contingent beneficiary, but I'd prefer to have the formal account title under the trust's name. This is usually easier with major depository banks.

Countrywide selected 5.25% BEFORE Ben B. raised the interbank rate. I'm wondering if they'll raise it further.

I have to wait a few days and talk directly with the bank personnel as I think I forgot a credit line they tested me on when setting up the account. It's inconvenient when they ask about things I did back in 2001. I'm getting old.


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