Tuesday, July 04, 2006

travelling for the holiday...cheap lobster...end of month summary

I am travelling for the holiday...at the moment in Phoenix, AZ.
I saw fresh lobster at a high end grocery store called Fry's (not to be confsed with the electronics store) - it was selling for $9 per pound? In NC, it would be closer to $20. I have no idea how a desert state can get cheap lobster.

We bought a six and ate two each. The meat was actually quit sweet.

Many pfbloggers had mentioned stocking up on 4th of July sales, something I can't do while travelling (imaging how big a suitcase would be with a year's supply of chips and hotdogs!!), I was pleased I could benefit from the sales a little.

Have a great 4th,

PS I'm going to 3 BBQ today and will do my best not to eat too much. Health and good weight seem to be some of the most important personal investments i can make for myself and my family.

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