Sunday, April 09, 2006

Teaching My Son to Save - follow-up on Step 4 - we did it!

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Today was a success.

My eldest son successfully remembered where he put the money he had hidden (he also found some extra small change).

I told him after his nap that we would go to the market and let him purchase a ride on the mechanical train - if he still wanted to do it. He did and was very excited about it. Asking me to either drive faster or stop so he could get out.

When I was unsure which market had the train (we have several in town), he accurately gave me the name of the correct shop. I was impressed.

We then went to the market where he spent quite a bit of time digging his savings ($0.50) out of his pants. Little hands and small pockets present a challenge. He then put the money into the machine and rode the train. He was very happy.

Afterwards, he listfully looked at several candy vending machines. I asked him what was more important: candy or the train. He replied the train.

I then told him what will we do tomorrow. He replied "Money?". I told him yes, we'll give him a quarter tomorrow, a quarter the next day and on Wednesday he can ride the train.

I'm hoping this idea of saving works out (and deferred gratification).

We called grandma today and he told her he'd been saving. So the idea is slowly building.

I think I've got at least 4 more train rides before I need to find a substitute.

Question for readers: Does anyone know of any books that address money issues with toddlers?

Have a wonderful Monday,

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