Sunday, April 09, 2006

Teaching my eldest son to save - Step Four - the first purchase

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Today should be the day my eldest son makes his first purchase. He's saved up 2 quarters and has been eager to buy a ride on the mechanical train.

Unfortunately, he's been quite tired and is still sleeping. We may have to delay his train ride until tomorrow. If so, we'll give him another quarter today.

I had been worried that he would play with the quarters and lose them or otherwise misplace them. Yesterday, I asked him where they were, he thought a little bit and then went to the side table and found them. He then removed them and put them in a drawer in my office -- he said it was safer there. Very cute. I'm curious to see if he remembers where they are now. We'll find out when we collect the quarters or add a new one to the collection.

I really can't wait to see the joy on his face when he rides the mechanical train. I wonder if he'll enjoy it more knowing that he saved up for it?

Have a wondeful Sunday,

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