Thursday, August 13, 2009

blackberry vs. iphone

i'm wondering if i should switch from my personal blackberry to an iphone. Switching would entail:
1. canceling my current phone contract (est. $150 fee)
2. buying an iPhone and a bunch of chargers
3. figuring out how to balance the cost effect on my remaining non-at&t phone accounts; i.e. no longer free mobile to mobile calls

Why i might switch:

1. iPhone is more fun
2. Coverage isn't that different
3. I don't really use most of the blackberry features for personal use
4. much bigger screen for personal internet use
5. better than the horrible chicklet keys on my blackberry - i hate the number of typos (this is really pain #1)
6. i could download and use gps aware apps - like trapster and metromix
7. I would get a bigger discount through my employer (23%) on monthly service

Overall, cost for a personal plan at 900 minutes seems to be about $60 cheaper per month. Rate of payback would be 2.5 months for disconnect fees, for total costs including disconnect, equipment and apps would be 13 months.

hmmm... something to think about. I'm ready to throw the blackberry through the window due to typing frustration.

Regards, makingourway

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