Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend spending update $253 spent, $47 left.

Well...on friday we spent about $90 for camping equipment that we didn't need.
Today we spent $10 on lunch at McDonald's (happy meals).
And...$150 on dinner with a friend visiting from out of town.
I was truely bumbed by the size of the expenditure, but it was the least we could do when we couldn't have the friend over to our house.
We also spent $3.00 at the local library buying discarded books.
My son made out like a bandit - most books were under $0.50 each.
This leaves us with $47 left for the weekend, I recommended to my wife that we go to Aldi for grocer shopping as an alternative to Costco.

Otherwise, I have no guarantee there will be anything I like to eat in the house.
We'll have to draw up the shopping list carefully.

$47 budget left...can we do it?

Regards, makingourway

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