Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goal $300 per weekend and 77 degrees HVAC

We've discussed the matter and agreed to the following:

1. We'll try to cap weekend spending to $300 on all things.
So far we've spent about $96 at REI and Target (preparing for a cancelled camping trip).

2. We've raised the downstairs thermostat to 77 degrees during the day and 78 degrees at night - we'll see if we can tolerate this.

3. We're going to focus on low cost actvities such as:
a. cinema - pre-bought discount tickets via costco
b. library - borrow new DVDs and perhaps read some books together
c. hanging pictures together
d. perhaps some board games

We've invited our rained out friends to camp at our house. This would be alot of fun if they join us.

We need to commit to the spend and temperature throughout the weekend.

Some things we'll be giving up:

a. High end tickets to places like cirque du soleil - we can go once a year, but not make a habbit of it.
b. Expensive vacations - though we won't go anywhere the rest of the year, anwyay.
c. Personal trainer two times a week - every two weeks for us

More thoughts later.


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