Monday, March 17, 2008

What went wrong with my upgrade to a Blackberry Pearl 8130

Although the experience went very well, here are a few mistakes and problems I experienced along the way:

Not my fault:

1. The Pearl was not provisioned correctly. The Internet browser and the maps application were not set-up. I had no access. A quick call to Verizon had everything fixed. The customer service was excellent and very knowledgeable. They uploaded the correct service books and I restarted the black berry.

My fault:

1. Before activating my enterprise license to connect to Big Company's BlackBerry server, I used the desktop tool to transfer my data. I should have excluded my appointments. As when I connected my black berry to the black berry enterprise server it downloaded duplicate appointment information. Fortunately, it did not download duplicate contacts - I have a few thousand.

Not my expectation:

1. The black berry desktop application has a function to move data from one handset to a new one. Unfortunately, it does not move third party applications.

What mystifies me:

1. I have only about 10-12MB free, but my device gives no indication as to why i would have so little memory. Anyone deal with this?



Kelly Carter said...

The 8130 has only 64MB of internal system memory (media card doesn't count--it can only be used to store media). After loading a reasonable number of optional themes and third party apps, it's very possible to be left with only 10MB free memory. You may be only a step away from having memory problems. There is a ton of helpful information on what you can do about it. I would invite you to start at my blog and especially read the article about memory problems (disappearing text, email, etc.).
Kelly Carter

Anonymous said...

I have the At&T version and had a similar memory issue about 6 months ago. I called AT&T and spoke with customer service who helped me out. They said that your phone comes with like 20 different languages preloaded on it which taked up a lot of memory. You can go in and remove the ones you don't need. Also, there's a promotional sample video loaded on the phone which you can and should remove.

Another item that got me was attachments to calendar items. Hope this helps!