Monday, March 17, 2008

AT&T's Blackberry Pearl 8120 versus Verizon's Blackberry Pearl 8130

The worst thing in the world is to make a major transition from one telephone to another and see a news article touting the latest version of the product and wondering if yours - the one you just bought - had been suddenly made obsolete! Your ask yourself, should I have waited another day?

As it turns out the phone is available from AT&T and not verizon. You can read the review here.

On cursory review it seems very similar to the Verizon 8130.

The big differences are the following:

1. It's a GSM phone versus Verizon's CDMA - why can't we standardize and be the same as the rest of the world? Verizon charges about $1.25 per minute (or so my salesman guessed) - I'd rather not get the 8830 world edition and pay$1.25 a minute when I have a second GSM phone I can use for much less with a local carrier.
2. It has wifi support - now this is cool. Can you run skype and call internationally for free? I've heard that cell phone's run skype in Europe. That would be cool. Is it faster than EVDO?

Everything else seems exactly the same.

All being said, I'm comfortable with where I'm at.

Regards, makingourway

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