Thursday, February 14, 2008

how expensive can doodlebops be?

Here's a cautionary tale:

My wife went on-line to buy doodlebops tickets. She used the link on the doodlebops site to TicketsNow.

We paid about $130 a ticket for premium seats in the front sections, which felt expensive.

However, we checked ticketmaster and found no seats available.

When we received the tickets they had a face value of $46 each.

While I'm grateful we could buy these tickets, I'm pretty pissed that we had to buy them through a scalper. More importantly, I think it's pretty sleazy of the doodlebops producers to direct consumers to a ticket reseller who charges a premium instead of ticket master or another primary service.

So, here is my advice if you want to see the doodlebops:

1. Use a ticketing service like ticket master to find when they're coming in advance.
2. Buy them through them
3. If you can't, go to Tickets Now to pay a premium

The only downside for saving the money is that you may not be in a front section.


1 comment:

Wayne said...

Any show nowadays are expensive. You have to pay the ticket price, taxes, shipping and handling (even if you print out the tickets), and restoration fee. It adds up.
Note, have see them in concert with my little ones and they put on a good show.