Saturday, September 22, 2007

Simple pleasures...6 night lights

Yesterday evening I enjoyed an orgy of consumption at Costco. Spent about $550 using about 13 coupons they sent to me in the mail. Virtually everything I bought was a basic staple that we buy on a regular basis, however, I did accelerate consumption of paper towels and toilet paper. I feel a bit bad about the amount, however, I'm certain I just accelerated the rate of spend, so it should net near zero.

One of the non-staples I bought was a 6 pack of multi-colored night lights. For about $12 you get six. Every twelve or eighteen seconds they change colors. It's very nice. the children certainly like them and even visiting adult family members were quite engaged. We've run into the bathroom, turned off the lights and waited a few minutes to see the colors change. My eldest now takes everyone in the bathroom to see the new colors. $12 has yielded about an hour of entertainment and a good supply of lowe energy night-lights.

The best unexpected return is usually on packaging (i.e. the big box the expensive toy comes in). It was quite nice to see an actual interest in what was inside the packaging.

Next posting: Thoughts on cash flow and replacing the furnaces.

Have a great weekend.

Regards, makingourway.

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