Friday, September 21, 2007

How much is a clear driveway worth?

I recently signed up for a driveway plowing service.
It cost $350 for the first 10 plowings and $35 per plowing thereafter. I paid an additional $100 for hand shoveling near garage doors 10 times for a total of $450.

It's possible a snowy day may generate more than one plowing.

With young children, older parents and a wife alone, I'm willing to pay extra for the security that none of them have to do this work. Also, when I am working at home, I really don't have time to do the shovelling (10 hr+ work day).

Is $45 to plow a very long and large driveway reasonable?
Would you do it?

Regards, makingourway


Wayne said...

Wouldn't it be worth it to just buy your own snowblower with what you are going to pay first yr for it and do it yourself? I am just thinking of the cost savings for future winters which this site is about. the snowblower will pay for itself after a couple of winters. Also for the service, did they say what their hours and when they would be there. What if you needed to get it sooner, is it possible? That's why I think having your own would be better, you can plow when you need to and not be subject to the service. Have seen this many times where I am, my driveway is clean and I can leave while my neighbor who has service is still waiting.

When I use mine, it takes very little time,<1hr. I have a long driveway...can fit 3 cars and I live in the East Coast.

makingourway said...

Excellent comments.
The issue of timeliness is wonderful - do you want to wait for the service to arrive?
In my case, I have little choice. I need to go with the service. I'm on the road often and can't be there to operate the snow blower when I'm travelling.
I'm not comfortable having my father-in-law or wife do it, so the service is best for me.
If I were here full time, I would seriously consider the snow blower, though I do have a very long drive way.
Regards, makingourway

Wayne said...

Hi, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use a is kind of go back and forth. My wife does it when I am not around. The snow blower has a self starter. The only thing one needs to do is redirect the shooter for the snow.

Also, you mentioned shoveling the garage door, what about the walkway to the entrance to the main entrance and also what about the mailbox in front of the house if it applies to you? In my area, if you do not shovel the area around the mailbox (ie so the mail trucks can drive to the mailbox) they will not deliver.


Anonymous said...

It's snowing a heckuva lot less here in Chicago these last years, but we still have some good ones. However, I think an equally good investment would have been to purchase a snow blower and just do it yourself (doesn't take that long unless it's really bad). However, the price you are being charged isn't terrible...provided that the first 10 doesn't have a time limit (you may not get through 10 plows for a few years yet).