Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm back

Wow! It's been far too long.
Too much at once:

1. massive multi-state joint venture (jv) with 12-16 hour days
2. new home
3. pending move
4. negotiating new home
5. planning move
6. staging old house
7. listing old house

I finally have a chance to work from home, albeit a brief one. I'll be back on the road Monday shuttling between two HQ's.

Things are going well with the JV. I have a better understanding of the culture and operating principals relevant to the venture. Also, I'm beginning to see the right execution strategy. Some change will be needed. Road blocks and obstacles have been identified.

My leadership team keeps expanding. That will certainly be a challenge. The more people, the more headaches. Always try to keep your leadership team small, otherwise you'll spend all your time explaining ideas and socializing them over and over again - you deleverage your time.

I bought a new laptop today. I was too damn sick of dealing with Big Company's laptop and hated agonizing over privacy and security issues.

Now I can install critical financial applications and files into my laptop.

Actually, what's amazing is the fact that my non-technical wife purchased it for me. It looks like she did a good job as well. If it doesn't work, back to Costco it will go! It's a SONY dual core 1.8ghz 2 gb ram 150 mb hd machine. I am disappointed it doesn't have a 256 mb video card with dedicated ram. Probably means I won't be able to play any decent games with it.

I'll write more about it later.

During the day my life is so hectic. It seems that everyone wants meetings. Why? I should write about that next.

Financially, big company gives me a per diem. I think I'm living under the per diem. While I'm away almost no one shops at Costco -- too far away. I wonder how that impacts our spending?

Lots to think about.


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Jim said...

This is the first time I've been on your blog in awhile. I noticed you added Google Adsense ads. If I were you I would move the banner ad that is currently located way at the bottom on your page to the top of your page. Visitors almost never click on ads at the bottom of a webpage.

I would also remove the half banner that is currently at the top and add a block ad somewhere on your left sidebar.

I think you would get more as clicks if you make these changes.