Wednesday, April 25, 2007

fun at work and being able to walk away

I had a very interesting conversation over dinner wit ha colleague from work today.
She's managing one of the most important teams for the joint venture I'm driving. Not only is she a great person, but very hard working and insightful.
From a personality perspective, we're complete opposites. I tend to ignore details and focus on high level strategy, while she drives very detailed execution plans. In short, we need each other.

She mentioned something quite interesting...that it was apparent that I like what I do. Oddly, I really do enjoy my job. There are moments when I find it annoying, but on the whole I find it extremely rewarding. Today we had a major victory - we had identified a very important organizational role that was part time. We re-envisioned it as a full time role with enlarged responsibilities. The consequences are expected to be tremendous, with wonderful time saving benefits to the c-suite and sr. executives. I still am living through a tremendous thrill.

One thing I told her was my desire to walk away from the job at any time. No interest in putting up with BS. I believe my boss senses this, too. It really makes people treat you seriously.

I'm not looking forward to the new mortgage. It will be much harder to walk away from a steady pay check. Unsure how it will effect me, but am sure I'll think twice about quiting due to BS. key issue is to maintain the feeling of independence.

The next important step is knowing what I'm worth and having enough saved up to feel comfortable walking away.

Having big company on my resume will certainly help.



1MansMoney said...

Just curious, did your colleague say that she enjoys her career too?

makingourway said...

Yes she does. She's pretty hard core.