Friday, February 16, 2007

electronic bill pay makes correct postage unnecessary

I remember several years ago weighing the benefit of paying $8.50 per month for checkfree (via Quicken) or paying for postage stamps on all of my bill payments via US mail. It was a narrow distinction, but I decided I'd pay more promptly with checkfree.

Nowadays I send all my payments electronically for free or use a credit card on a website. I must make more than 30 electronic transactions per month, which would be about $12.00 in aggregate, plus the convenience of paying on my schedule vs. the USPS and not having to worry about correct postage.

Not a bad side benefit: convenience and cost savings rarely go together.

Regards, makingourway

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Adventures In Money Making said...

online bill pay truly is a blessing.

i don't have to worry about the dozen mortgage payments being sent on time, or me forgeting to mail one. they all go out automatically and for free!