Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What does blogger's new template editor kill

I desperately want to restructure my blog's layout. Frankly it's clunky and sub-optimally organized. I'm looking forward to trying blogger's new template editor to clean it up.
However I'm put off a bit by Blogger's warning that template changes may be lost.
My customizations are:
Link to a more detailed about me posting
A few rented text links (3)
Custom links and blogroll
Pfblogger.org link
Two program referal ads (I'll probably delete them)
Blog counter
My goals progress bars and static link

I can't remember much else that's custom.

Has anyone tried converting to the new blogger template?

What was your experience?

Regards, makingourway

1 comment:

makingourway said...

I've used the new template editor and placed quite a few changes on the blog.

I've switched to a parchment layout.
Was able - with lots of work - to preserve most of my sidebar.
I'd like to think I improved my progress bars.
My rented links are there - but I'm having trouble including the unlinked explanatory text. I may need to put them in as html directly.
I deleted the 1and1 referal. It's a great service, but no one was signing up for it - perhaps I'm the only one that likes it.
I placed a few more adsense blocks around the blog - hopefully they will not be annoying to you, my readers.
I was pleased with the ability to have a drop down menu for the archive - saves real estate.
Wish I could find a more efficient means of handling labels.
Have a great day, makingourway