Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How would you explain this to your spouse...

While on an out of town trip with a collague, she accidentally dented her new SUV. More specifically, she was not looking and dented the door and quarter panel against a concrete wall.

The vehicle is drivable, but the damage is clearly visible and not very attractive. Part of the stripping has been knocked off and the dent is noticable.

She's concerned that her spouse will consider her careless if she tells him she did it because she didn't see the concrete wall - which is what happened.

Should she tell the truth or embellish the story? It was snowing and icey out.

What would you do?



Denise Mall said...

Fess Up! The burden of a made up story would eat me alive. Besides, it would be my vehicle too and my investment to do as I wish. Meaning I have just as much to lose or gain.

The old Honesty is the Best Policy. Stuff happens. Live and Learn!

fin_indie said...

We're all human. Accidents happen and covering the truth isn't exactly the best way to develop a mature, long-term, trusting relationship. A little Mea Culpa goes a long way.

Terry Lange said...

The best thing to do is to always tell the truth. Embellishing or lying is never good and in some cases could create more problems.

Situations like these are teachable moments for our children. If we tell them to tell the truth and not lie, then what are we obligated to do?

Honesty is not the best policy, it is the only policy!

makingourway said...

d, fin and terrie,
Thanks for your comments. I, too, recommended she tell the truth to her husband.
In the end, she did tell 95% of the truth, but modified the context a bit to seem less careless.
At the moment I think they're accepting the situation.
I'm sure when he sees the damage as well as the estimate for repair they may have an interesting conversation again.

Anonymous said...

Accidents happen, no ones perfect (insert your own cliche here).

Obviously some spouses accept those facts easier than others, but myself, being married for 5 years, I have a hard time understanding why someone would feel the need to hide the truth. We all have our "dumb" moments, if I was with someone who made me afraid of my next dumb moment, I wouldn't be very happy in general. I left those days of being fearful behind when I became an adult, the truth shall set you (them) free!

makingourway said...

thanks, anon, you are right about telling the truth. each lie becomes a brick bearing down upon you. the more lies, the more bricks, the heavier the burder.
regards, makingourway

Jose Anes said...

Have separate accounts. When you buy each car independently, your spouse doesn't complaints if you crash it -- it is your car after all.

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