Wednesday, January 31, 2007

traps when travelling on business

I recently read the small print on the hotels min-bar refrigerator, which by the way is not refrigerating anything.

Moving items around the refrigerator may result in false charges against my hotel bill - i.e. the hotel has a motion sensor to determine what you buy and what to restock. Very interesting.

My yogurt and cheese are spoiled due to lack of refrigeration. I'm going to request a personal refrigerator for "medicine". I hope there is no ridiculous fee.

Regards, makingourway

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mOOm said...

I think those minibar things are the silliest things. Could be that it just wasn't set at the right temperature or whatever. I remember once using a whole bunch of stuff in one in Thailand - I arrived in the morning and hadn't slept on the flight (never do) and didn't want to go out and the stuff was only a dollar a piece. Other places, once or twice maybe I had a beer.