Saturday, January 27, 2007

Family fun doesn't need to be expensive

We had a great family day today. Active, exciting and involving everyone.
In retrospect, it was fairly inexpensive.

We had a soccer game ($50 for the season and t-shirt), we went to a stables and met the horses (big for the little ones - helping groom the sources), we rode the horses (for a whopping $20), had a great family discussion about world war II reconstruction in Europe, read some comic books together ($2.70 each) - Fables is adult but accessible to the children and ran a few errands. Dinner was a roasted chicken from the super market ($6.00) - surprisingly tasty and home made Pad Thai.

Sure beats a trip into the big city - we always spend $150 or more on such grand adventures.

The key is a schedule of organized community activities (sporting events) and inexpensive commercial entertainment (the stables).

And making time for family moments (reading) and discussions.

We also practiced karate, which resembled acrobatics more than anything else - "the flying makingourways"! Even karate classes are inexpensive fun for the whole family.

Regards, makingourway


Anonymous said...

I'm not really a stickler for spelling errors, but this post has more than your usual number. You should try running spell check prior to publishing.

makingourway said...

Oops..very embarassed. Spell checked the whole post. The new blogger's spell check is much nicer than the older version.
Sorry for the errors.