Sunday, January 28, 2007

30s and 40s Personal Finances - The Accumulation Stage

I've decided to create a new blog carnival called "The Accumulation Stage".

The carnival will focus on family, career and investment financial planning for people in their 30s and 40s.

What is the accumulation stage?
It is the stage in our lives where we are past the hurdles of starting careers, college is far behind and we are concentrating on:

* Raising families, planning to do so, or deciding not to do so
* Growing in the careers we have chosen and moving up the ladder
* Moving from starter homes to more substantial housing
* Dealing with more complex investment and tax considerations
* Planning for future generations with estate planning and investment plans
* Financially stable enough to afford more exotic or expensive investments
* Have the goal to see our investment equity growth match or even exceed our savings
* Handling personal matters, such as children or aging parents, with substantial $ impact
* Taxes are more complex at this stage with numerous deductions, choices and opportunities

In general, we are experienced investors moving ahead in our careers. We already know how to invest, how to buy a house and how to get a job. We are far beyond money 101.

I will start the carnival off every other week and try to increase frequency to weekly if I have sufficient support.

Rules for entry:

1. One submission per person (until we can add categories).
2. Please make sure the posting is relevant to the group's topics of interest
3. Please avoid any profanity, hate language or otherwise offensive content
4. Please provide content that does not repeat mainstream media content

I hope you enjoy the carnival and it has great meaning and help to you.

Please post comments on thoughts regarding rules, guidelines, etc.... Your guidance will be greatly appreciated - as will your participation.

Regards, makingourway


mOOm said...

It's a good idea to do one for the "next stage". Not everyone is so successful or lucky though. Many people with children too only really start to save seriously for retirement once the children leave home or complete college. That is likely to be in their fifties.

makingourway said...

moom, excellent point. Those who have not enough to save "seriously" may be interested in discussions of family budgetting, estate planning, college savings, etc....


Anonymous said...

I like the idea - not sure Ill be able to submit something this time around but I hope to in the future.

mapgirl said...

Seems I missed out on this announcement. Good job on creating new carnival! :-)

Anne Besttermlife said...

This festival will a go a long long way with the help of comment contribution. This is a good way to outreach. Nice idea...might somehow do my part and share too.