Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meme: Is it safe to blog at work?

Having worked for home for so long - especially since I've started blogging (is there a relationship here?), I've come to wonder what's safe to do on Big Company's computer network.

Is it safe to blog regarding personal finance - assuming I did it on my own time - say during lunch time?

What do you think?

I'm not comfortable doing it.



Ryan said...

I recently started working for a "Big Company" too. I have thought about blogging while at work since a lot of ideas have come to me while there. But I would rather be safe than sorry and not find out if they look down on blogging at work. I'm just waiting on them to block the websites I already go to anyways.

fin_indie said...

I think it really depends on the company. Some companies encourage it, others, not so much. Look around you and it'll probably be pretty clear.

Amaranta said...

no, you have absolutely no right to privacy at work, even if its on 'lunch'. if you use your own computer, but still the company's internet, you lose the right again. just dont do it... tempting as it may be.

makingourway said...


amarnata is right - you have no right to privacy, though as fin_indie points out looking over your shoulder may show you what your effective or practical rights are.

I'm going to side with Ryan and unfortunately avoid blogging from work - what a shame. Perhaps I'll e-mail myself good ideas.

It is critical not to make any employment references - we all remember what happened to Duece - btw, she does have a fun blog.


2million said...

I took this high road early on, but finally caved in. "Big brother" knows all now.

Luckily I haven't had any problems. My personal and work time is so blurred its unrealistic to think that I would only blog on personal hardware/networks. I blog when I have time - doesn't matter when.

Anonymous said...

One thing that has surprised me actually is the number of bloggers that blog during the workweek but not at the weekend. Seems they do it as something to do when they are bored. As I'm an academic none of these concerns apply to me. Especially as I'm an economics professor. Really, it should be part of my job - community outreach/education.

makingourway said...

$2m, i'm really tempted to blog at work, but am utterly uncomfortable with the thought - especially as I have made references to "Big Company".
It's possible I drop the caution, but for now will try to blog in the evenings or early AM.

Apparently, it's not unocmmon to work from home a few days a week at my company - I'll probably take that opportunity.