Thursday, November 16, 2006

Carnivals for the week of November 13th

makingourway has participated in a few carnivals this week. Here are the links. Carnivals are a wonderful way to see a number of interesting posts on common topics and themes. Here we go:

Pocket Change at the Carnival of Shopping has published my article on the costs of entire month long trip to Chicago.

You can find the 74th Carnival of Personal Finance at a Geek's World. I was fairly proud of my article discussing buying personal disability insurance, however it didn't rank in the Geek's top 5 - too bad. Everyone has there priorities - I bet he already has his disability insurance!

The Festival of Frugality sponsored by expiriments in finance published our article on saving car rental fees.

We are still waiting to see our postings at the Carnivals of Risk and Investing.


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