Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things that go zoom

Yesterday we spent $300 buying a mini-electric SUV for our eldest. We had been waiting a long time to buy him one - he often played with the neighbors kids and enjoyed riding theirs.

We also bought him a Batman three-wheeled (self-propelled) scooter for $16.95. As it's been raining in our part of NC, he hasn't been able to use either. At various moments he did want us to assemble the scooter. It was a disappointment to tell him he had to wait.

The mini-SUV on the otherhand, was a delight, even if the battery wasn't installed (needs to charge for 24 hours). He sat in the SUV, manipulated all of the buttons and had a wonderful time. The SUV is alledgedly all-terrain - being able to drive in a back yard or the street. We think we'll quarenteen the SUV to the walled off back yard.

The scooter, on the other hand, really does need the street, which also introduces concerns about traffic and cars.

The question is, which should we encourage him to use? The scooter - which provides physcial exercise, but places him in potential peril, or the SUV, which is safer, but doesn't provide much exercise.

Which would you emphasize?



finance girl said...

I don't have any kids, and don't know alot about either of these, but I'd vote for the one with the excercise quotient. :-)

makingourway said...

i agree with bauhaus, but we went with both. the little one loves the SUV. We'll introduce the scooter in a few days when he can focus on it.