Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bargain: Get 1/2 off on a one year subscription to Gametap

A friend of mine who actually has time to play computer games showed me this one (we went to the digital life conference together in NY) - he doesn't have children in his house yet!

Gametap is an interesting provider of downloadable games.
The games are regular commercial grade games that you could buy in the store for windows, pc, consoles and older systems.
Gametap allows you to download them on-line and play them on your PC.
I believe you can download an unlimited number of games (limited by their inventory).
Most of the games were popular ones, but they seem to be a generation or two old - Far Cry - Civ III, etc....
Then again, for $59.40 per year, it's a great deal.
If you're a console fan, the ability to play these games - including very old classics - is a real treat.

To enjoy 50% you need to go to:

He said they'll be releasing in interesting number of more up to date games soon.


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