Friday, October 20, 2006

how much does a baby cost - medical costs

Having already had children, we understood what most of the first year's costs would be, however, having a child in rural north carolina has introduced several suprising additions:

Our medical costs for the birth have far beyond what we had in other states (especially cities).

Some examples:

1. anaesthesiology - after insurance expenses: $420.00
2. hospital expenses (before insurance $4,200) after insurance $2,030
3. additional medical follow-up $275.0 after insurance.

total so far: $2,725.00 !!!


At least some of it can be paid by flex spending.

What a weekend I'm going to have.



Anonymous said...

Wow - My first son, was delivered by a midwife at a great hospital. We did not have insurance, so I paid "cash" for him. I brought my own supplies like tylenol, blue pads, etc. After I audited my bills - found all the "regular" charges that go on automatically when a child is born, and had them remove the ones that were not real, I was left paying $1500.

Ok, this was in 90' and I am assuming your child was born C-section.

Did your wife go over the bills? You should if the baby was C-section, she may not know all her treatments. Most insurances will split the savings with you. This can be big bucks. Well worth your time.

makingourway said...

Great comments. No it wasn't a c-section. We'll definately do an audit.