Saturday, September 09, 2006

What to pack when you're expecting - parent's packing list just before delivery

As I've posted. We have child number 3 due Sept. 27th.

We had a delivery false alarm last night, but decided to pack our gear for the delivery in the car, just in case. It looks like the labor will proceed very quickly this time.

Here's a quick list of things we're packing - if anyone can recommend other things, we'd be grateful:

  1. Clothing for two days
  2. Pyjammas
  3. Washing gear
  4. Lanolin cream
  5. Breast pads
  6. Nursing Bra
  7. Portable DVD player
  8. Laptop computer (bigger screen for DVDs)
  9. CDs
  10. Rent a few DVDs
  11. Video Camera (charged)
  12. Digital Camera (charged, chip clear)
  13. Cables for portable DVD - might be able to plug it into the hospital TV
  14. Snacks (almost forgot them)
  15. Cell phones (and chargers) (synch palm treo!!)

Here's a list of things we've done:

  1. Prep baby's room
  2. Ask painter for quote on decorative wall painting / murals (prob too expensive)
  3. Ordered cute posters, prints and wallpaper borders from (anne geddie's fairy posters, etc....)
  4. Moved the furniture over and over until it looked just right

Here's what's left to do:

  1. prepare our other children for a two day absence and the new sibling coming back with us
  2. finish packing and put gear in car
  3. pull the last of the boxes from storage for review and decision to donate to charity
  4. pay as many bills as possible in advance
  5. ensure operating accounts sufficiently funded
  6. make arrangements with buyer of car to pick up (I just know the baby will be born when he arrives to pick it up)
  7. warn the relatives
  8. pick a name - we just can't find the right name
  9. buy groceries and materials needed for baby's arrival
  10. finish as much work as possible
  11. choose some books to bring to the hospital
  12. relocate my wife's office from the baby's room into my office
  13. call last reference for investment advisor
  14. paperwork to hire investment advisor

Most of the gear has been packed. I need to round up the rest of it today - hope I don't run out of time!

Please feel free to add any recommended thoughts or things to do.

I could barely sleep last night. I was so nervous. I've been through this before - why nervous now?

Have a great weekend,


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bluntmoney said...

Wow, you're in it for the long-haul there. When I had my son I think I brought a change of clothes for the next day, my toothbrush & toothpaste, and a camera. (Don't forget the toothbrush!)