Saturday, September 09, 2006

on-line shopping adventures with french tripple-milled soap

With the new bundle of joy due any day now (we had thought she might come last night - decided- she decided to wait), we've moved into high gear preparing for our new family member.

One of the duties has been to order household goods that we might need or just not have time to go out and buy.

Topping this list were several luxury items that will be sorely appreciated after nights of little sleep (anticipated).

One of our favourite luxuries is french tripple soap. Tripple milled soaps last much longer than traditional soaps, perhaps by a factor of 8 - 16 times as long. At $1.50 a bar, it's certainly more expensive than ivory or other similar soaps. When you factor in the superior duration, it might actually be a better value. However, I haven't made a scientific test - don't want to go back to ivory soap or similar soaps - so I can't prove it. Nonetheless, we're happy with it.

Costco once carried a variety of tripple milled soaps which we bought regularly. However, recently they've stopped. Fortunately I had a bar of soap left over and found the manufacturer, who operates their own e-commerce site. The prices are the same that costco had charged.

Here is a link to true scents de~luxe's website. BTW, this is a non-compensated endorsement. I think it's important to disclose potental conflicts of interest (or the absence). They have unusual scents, such as verbena, etc....

I never paid much attention to french milled soaps until a flower shop near my old office started selling $15 soap bars. On a lark, I bought one for my wife and found I liked the verbena scent and the bar lasted a very long time - perhaps because it was almost 1/2 kg in size and too big for anyone to use.

Upon finding less expensive high-quality tripple milled soaps at costco, we were hooked.

Incidentally, here's a search I did using froogle. As you can tell, it's very disappointing, the soaps are quite expensive - almost $9 a bar. I can find no justification there, unless as a luxury gift for someone who wants expensive soap bragging rights.

I did find a very interesting vendor through - abcdiscount city. They offered dozens (hundreds?) of soaps in all different varieties. About five years ago I ordered 35 soaps to try. The prices were very reasonable. However, they did mess up the order a bit. but 31-32 soaps right wasn't that bad - and the prices were excellent.

Hmm...I like nice soaps...does that make me a metrosexual? Better not let my neighbors in rural NC hear about this one!

Have a wonderful weekend,

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