Friday, September 01, 2006

Talking XM Radio Down

After a year with XM Radio in one of our cars, we decided to not renew it. $15/mo. seemed far too expensive for something we used briefly a few minutes a day.

Today I was suprised to see an invoice for $25 from XM radio. Apparently, they charged me for a grace period after the subscription ended.

I called up and talked with a very nice lady. Initially I had insisted they remove the fee from the grace period, but then it struck me to ask for a retention department, which they do not have. I then told her why we had decided not to renew and asked her if she could help me decide to stay with XM radio. She then told me she could offer 3 months at a reduced rate. When I replied that it wouldn't solve the problem, she offered 12 months at about $6/mo. Which, quite frankly, I feel is a much more reasonable rate for the amount of time I use the service.

After all, my favourite station is NPR, which is easily accessible on regular (free) FM.

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to ask for a reduced fee.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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