Tuesday, September 12, 2006

sex sells or the answer to what drove makingourway's traffic up so high

You'd never believe what happened today - our visitor traffic shot through the roof. For a fairly detailed personal finance blog, I never imagined such interest!

I look through the visitor log and was befuddled. Certainly there were quite a few visitors from bloggingawaydebt's blog of the week award, but not the majority of new visitors.

Many seemed to be referred by a series of google searches called "The Craig's List Experiment". As it turns out, Simon, a media blogger posted several hypothetical personal ads on Craig's List under the casual encounters section. He posed as a straight and bisexual women and men in 3 major american cities. He then tallied the results. Quite interesting... you can see it here.

Apparently, makingourway's Craig's List Experiment, in received may visitors looking for the sex story - hmmm... I feel bad about the bate and switch!

This is quite funny, as I had been planning to write another posting regarding Craig's List. This one is about looking for specific items that may also be collectibles. I'll post it tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day,

PS It was interesting that Simon did not highlight the fact that Houston had the highest number of bi-sexuals (compared with Chicago and NYC). Personally, I was suprised, thinking Houston is a more conservative city.

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