Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A quick summary of my comic collection

Here's a quick summary of my comic book collection.

According to mycomicpile.com it's worth $2400 with roughly 550 comic books.

Many of the comics are independents (image, are side labels of the major brands; i.e. Vertigo from DC, etc....)
The average date of publication for most of them is from the mid to late 90s and into the early 2000s. The older issues were picked up through liquidation sales.

I do have a good number of Dynamic Forces collectibles running from $10 - $25 per mycomicpile.com - let's say 30.

The general style or theme of the comics runs the gammot of horror, zombies, cynical heros, sexy heroettes, fantasy and some military.

I've only recently started buying new comics - again most are independently produced - not sure if that will either reduce the market or make them a bit more scarce per Blaine Moore's earlier comments.

Here is a listing of my collection by series sorted by value. The top 19 are listed.

I will be subscribing to 12-20 comics monthly at an average cost of about $3.00 each. I need to find a cheaper way to purchase them.

In addition I will probably spend another $20-$50 per month buying up older comic books by the series. For example, a small independently produced series from the mid 1990s with only 9 issues, can be purchased for about $1.60 per issue - I'm assuming the comics are in good condition.

At this point I should disclaim I'm collecting comics more for pleasure and personal enjoyment than for economic profit, but I would like to keep a handle on the economics of the collection.

Here are a few quick questions:

1. Should I sell the comics I'm not really intersted in or save them for the future - most are 3 - 10 years old)?

2. If I sell them, where's the best place? Should I sell them as a lot or individually or in related groups?

Thank you for your thoughts.

have a wonderful day,


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