Tuesday, July 25, 2006

investing in myself / my health

I've been doing my best to exercise daily, which ends up being 3-4 times per week.
My short term goal is to lose 12 lbs.
My long term goal is to lose 20 lbs., but I'm not sure that's realistic.
I've been able to maintain this schedule for about 3 weeks. Hopefully I can hit my goal of 5/week.

My current workout routine is an hour of cardio exercise or an exercise class, such as body sculpting plus x minutes of cardio to round out an even hour. Most cardio is usually on eliptical, cross and arc trainers.

I'm not fat, but I do need to lose weight. I'm one of those people who tend to aggregate weight in their face and neck very quickly - I need to stop it before it becomes a problem.

Next week I'll start lifting weights again - probably keep it limited to dumbells so I can exercise at home if needed. Will probably hire a trainer to help build a routine that won't wreck my back / etc....

What motivates me to improve my condition are the following thoughts:

1. better shape = more energy
2. better shape improves self-confidence
3. better shape lowers insurance premiums
4. better shape reduces medical costs
5. better shape, you look more handsome (I look great when I'm in shape) - being handsome benefits your everyday interaction with other people: they are more cooperative, more helpful and more friendly. It's odd and violates most of our ideals, but, put bluntly, it's true.

As I'll be interviewing for new jobs, I expect it will help with the interview process. At least hopefully.

I'd like to commend Maggie at Caustic Musings, she has doggedly pursued exercise with phenominal success. Go Maggie!!

I'd also like to recommend Steve's post at My Personal Finance Blog - he's right on the money and probably in a similar situation - I just hope he needs to lose less weight than I do!

Have a wonderful day,


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!

And right on with the reasons for investing time in your health. :)

I've found that getting into shape and staying that way has affected almost every aspect of my life in a positive way, not just health. On the financial front, I spend less on groceries and dining out than almost anyone else I know, I am NEVER sick, and I can pick up all the size Small clearance clothing left on the racks for less than 25% of the original prices.

And as you mentioned, #5 isn't politically correct or talked about much in this lovely land of equal opportunity, but appearance (of which physical fitness is a great part) does affect how you are perceived and treated by others. People just infer positive attributes to you before you even open your mouth and go out of their way to help you. It's kind of sad, but true.

Oh, and whether a 20 lb loss is realistic or not really depends on your starting base. You may not even have 20 lbs of fat to lose. I'd definitely get on the weight lifting again ASAP. For men, that is even more important than cardio for achieving that fit look.

A great site (besides mine, LOL) for good, free diet/exercise-related advice is the message board at Johnstonefitness.com. John actually posted an August 100 point challenge that you might want to look into for motivation. Everyone starts off with 100 points and posts their workout and nutrition plan for the month by July 31. One point is subtracted from your running total each time you eat something not in your plan, miss a workout, or forget to update your daily log.