Monday, June 05, 2006

Networth update (as of 5/31/2006) $ (1,276.43) reduction, total is 543,374.01

I decided I couldn't put off calculating our networth update for June.

Our networth dropped $1,276.43 - primarily due to the correction in equity markets.

It's a much smaller overall decline than I had predicted, most likely due to my asset mix not being entirely in equities at the moment.

It also includes are newly increased investment of $1000 in, of which $902.18 is actively loaned out. We have a bit over $100 waiting for a good loan.

Overall, our Networth has increased by $56k YTD, which is actually a bit ahead of plan, despite our lackluster investment performance. Our planned savings is $86,604.97, however our goal is $100,000.

Our actual savings for the month was about $500 lower than I had planned for us to save. This was primarily driven by new home expenses.

Another major expense was $3100 for professional education / career training. I'd like to think of it more as an investment than an expense.

In June, we'll see quite a bit of new home and vacation expenses, probably:

  • $500 - $700 for carpentry fees (home improvement)
  • $450 for landscaping fees (new bushes)
  • $500 for automobile repair
  • $4,000 for a family vacation (lots of relatives)
  • $500 - $1000 in last minute home decorating expenses

Every weekend we've been working hard to make the house look nice for the once a year visit from the relatives. It's quite a bit of work, but for a once a year visit, we want them to have a great time and think we're neat, tidy and tasteful people (hmmm sibling rivalry?).

Once we get through June's expense hump, we should have some time to save money and build our networth. We will certainly have a family medical expense coming up in Sept. Hopefully it will not happen sooner. My mission is to increase my current income to cover the cost of the expense. I expect the medical expense to come in at about $35,000. Not a small amount, is it! Well as long as I can increase what I take home, we should cover for it. I think I have a 70% chance of realistically meeting or beating the expense.

Also, you might notice, I've changed the format of the table. Instead of carrying the prior two months, I've decided to print Dec of last year and the prior month. It should provide a context for year to date performance.

Have a wonderful day,



2million said...

I get the sense if I had your level of income and could maintain my current level of spending I would be rolling ;-).

Congrats on the net worth change - I would say that is a big success given the amounts in your retirement and brokerage accounts (assuming a good portion of that is in equities) and the market declines.

makingourway said...

if i could keep my family and have my old bachelor level income i'd save alot too!!

good luck on the NY trip.

Also remember, alot of savings (and expenses) happens from the family dynamic.