Monday, June 05, 2006

Emigrant online money market account has new high interest rate of 4.65%

Emigrant seems to have pushed up it's interest rate a bit more to 4.65% APY from 4.5%.
Not a huge jump, but it does push them up competitively.

Check out the Money Market Account listings for your area at In NC, they're #3 behind Discover and UFB Direct, both of which require $50k deposits to enjoy the larger interest rates of 4.91% and 4.7% respectively.

I had to search the national MM account listings to find GMAC bank. You can find the report here. They are paying 4.75% and also provide checking services. If they have fairly good EFT functions in and out of multiple accounts, I'm tempted to switch from emigrant. There FDIC insured and with the new outside investment / purchase of a majority of GMAC, they should have the financial strength to stand alone, outside of GM's contortions.

Your thoughts?


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